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Wed Jul 5 01:09:10 EDT 2006

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Hey everyone, I want to make some announcements surrounding DEF CON 14.

It's about that time to briefly lay down the inf0z, so here it goes.

- - Speakers have been selected, and are now listed on-line:

They include an assistant Secretary of Defense, an FBI agent, Scary Hackers,
privacy fanatics, security studs, and a hardware hacking ninja.

- - The con hotel is sold out, but overflow exists here:

- - Need a ride or got a room to spare? Check out the ride and room section of
the DEF CON Forums

- - There are a lot of new contests, and some old ones that are no more (We'll
miss you WiFi Shootout!) I'd mention them all, but it takes up too much space.
To get a good grip on what is happening I'd suggest reading the contest area of
the forums:

- - Black and White Ball is two nights this year, with some great bands and DJs
including Regenerator, The Minibosses, DJ Jackalope, Catharsis and DJ

- - DEF CON 13 Audio and Video is now on-line for DOWNLOAD. Yep, you saw that
right. We are phasing out the real media server and going to download mode. The
audio is in .mp3, and the video is in H.264 2-pass 192k .mp4, optimized for the
iPod video screen size. Right now you gotta subscribe to the rss feed, but the
web site will soon sport the direct links. We hope to have DC-12 on-line in the
next week.

This year we are at a  new hotel, the Rivera. I did this because DEF CON was
going to stagnate and die if it stayed at the Alexis Park any longer. The
benefits of the new hotel are that the speaking rooms are larger, there is air
conditioning, and we have room to grow. This year we get about 1/2 the space,
and next year we should get 3/4 of the space. That extra room will allow us to
offer break out classes, get togethers, and an additional track of speaking.
Things we could only dream of before, but now are possible. It will take us all
a year or two to learn what to do with all the space, but those are the kinds
of problems I can live with. Did I mention the sky boxes?

General hang out site: http://forum.defcon.org/

Remember DEF CON is what you make of it, and we have been lucky over the years
to have a great group of people supporting us. The line up this year looks
great, and the rest is up to us. 

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