[ISN] World's first Mac OS X virus spotted

InfoSec News isn at c4i.org
Fri Feb 17 03:17:01 EST 2006



BEIJING, Feb.17 (Xinhuanet) -- A mischievous computer worm has been
found to hit Apple's OS X operating system, believed to be the first
such virus ever to target the Mac platform.

Called OSX/Leap-A, the worm is spread via instant messaging programs,
according to a posting on the Web site of antivirus software company

The virus is said to spread using Apple's iChat IM service, forwarding
itself as a file called "latestpics.tgz" to an infected user's buddy
contacts, according to the Sophos Web site.

Clicking on the file allows the malware to install and disguise itself
as a harmless-seeming Jpeg icon.

"This first Macintosh OS X threat is an example of the continuing
spread of malicious code on to other platforms," said Vincent Weafer,
senior director at Symantec Security Response, in a statement.

The worm will not automatically infect Mac computers, but will ask
users to accept the file, Weafer said.

Symantec has rated the worm a low-risk security threat.

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