[ISN] Islamist hackers attack Danish sites

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Mon Feb 13 01:47:58 EST 2006


By John Leyden
9th February 2006

Protests over cartoon images of the prophet Mohammed have spilled onto
cyberspace with a series of attacks against Danish and other western
websites. Islamist ire over the publication of the "satiric pictures"  
portraying the prophet Mohammed, first published in Denish newspaper
Jyllands-Posten, has resulted in 1,000 attacks against web servers,
according [1] to defacement archive Zone-H. Danish sites have copped
the majority of attacks, but the barrage of assaults has also hit
Israeli and other western web servers.

Hacker groups from different Muslim nations have united in attacks 
that promote both moderate and extremist manifestos. Some defacements 
promote a boycott against Danish products, while others (such as those 
by the self-styled IIB - Internet Islamic Brigades) threaten suicide 
bombing attacks on Denmark.

The number of politically motivated attacks against Danish servers 
gives a small measure of the strength of feeling over the issue. 
Violence during demonstrations over the issue has claimed 10 lives in 
Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Muslim world. ®

[1] http://www.zone-h.org/en/news/read/id=205987

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