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Fri Feb 10 02:11:11 EST 2006


Feb. 09, 2006

An event showcasing cutting-edge applications will take place this 
weekend in San Francisco. The fifth annual CodeCon event features 
presentations from developers of interesting, innovative real-world 
applications, and is set to run from Friday, Feb. 10 through Sunday, 
Feb. 12. 

CodeCon was started in 2002 by BitTorrent author Bram Cohen and Len 
Sassaman, author of the Mixmaster anonymous remailer. The event is 
sponsored in part by independent book publisher No Starch Press, which 
has offered Linux-related titles for more than a decade.

Organizers say CodeCon offers a "prescient look at the direction of 
technology." All presenters are project developers, and each 
presentation includes a functional demo. 

Presentations include:

* Lance James, on Daylight Fraud-Prevention (DFP), an anti-phishing 
  program based on real-time web-based forensics

* Daniel S. Wilkerson and Scott McPeak on the Delta interestingness 

* Todd Davies, on the Deme group discussion platform

* Quinn Weaver, on the Dido perl-based voice menu platform

* Robert J. Hansen, on the Djinni unsolvable problem answer 

* Daniel S. Wilkerson, on the Elsa/Oink/Cqual++ C/C++ program dataflow 

* David Barrett, on the iGlance push-to-talk videoconferencing and 
  screen-sharing software

* Aaron Harwood, on Localhost P2P software

* Nathaniel Smith, on the Monotone version control system

* Michael J. Freedman, on the OASIS locality aware server selection 
  infrastructure for content distribution systems 

* Meredith L. Patterson, on Query by Example, a collection of data 
  mining operations for PostgreSQL

* Joe Stewart, on the Truman behavioral malware sandnet

* Adam Sourzis, on the Rhizome application stack for rapid 
  semantic-web development

* Tom Pinckney, on the SiteAdvisor scam-finding web crawler 

* Dimitris Vyzovitis and Ilia Mirkin on VidTorrent/Peers, a scalable 
  real-time P2P streaming protocol

The fifth-annual CodeCon will be held South of the Slot, at StudioZ [1]. 
Tickets cost $85 at the door. Additional details can be found here [2]. 

[1] http://www.studioz.tv/
[2] http://www.codecon.org/

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