[ISN] Information security standards highlighted after Tech Fest

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Tue Sep 27 02:09:46 EDT 2005


September 26 2005
Emerging from the excitement of the Tech Fest 2005 and in preparation
for World Standards Day (WSD) on 14 Oct., the Antigua & Barbuda Bureau
of Standards (ABBS) would like to highlight the following excerpt as a
timely tool for the information society, in keeping with the 2005 WSD
theme - "Standards for a safer world".

For most business information, security may be essential to maintain
competitive edge, cash flow, profitability, legal compliance and
commercial image. But many businesses and most non-business
organisations may hold information as their only asset.

An absence of information security may threaten their integrity and
therefore their very existence.

The 2002 Computer Crime and Security Survey of 503 computer security
practitioners in the United States (conducted by the Computer Security
Institute with the participation of the San Francisco FBI Computer
Intrusion Squad) indicated that the threat from computer crime and
other information security breaches continues unabated - and that the
financial toll is mounting.

According to the survey's findings, 90 per cent of the respondents
detected computer security breaches within 12 months covered by the
survey, 80 per cent acknowledged financial losses due to computer
breaches, and 46 per cent (223 respondents) reported their resulting
financial losses as totalling, US$455,848,000.

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