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English url: http://pacsec.jp/index.html?LANG=ENGLISH
Japanese url: http://pacsec.jp/index.html?LANG=JAPANESE

Myamoto Musashi famous swordsman and author of "Go Rin No Sho" (the
Book of Five Rings) wrote "Study the Way of all professions."

In the way of computer networks, one must understand attacks before
one can forestall them.

I would like to announce the selection of the PacSec applied technical
security seminar presentations. The event will be held on November
15/16 in Tokyo, Japan, at the Aoyama Diamond Hall, accessible at exit
B5 of the Omotesando station, on Ginza or Hanzomon lines.

The selected papers are:

Andrea Barisani - Gentoo
Building a modern LDAP based security framework.

Cedric "Sid" Blancher - EADS
WiFi traffic injection based attacks

Javier Burroni - CORE SDI
Using Neural Networks for remote OS identification

Maximillian Dornseif - Laboratory for Dependable Distribute Systems
Watching hackers hack - attack visualization

van Hauser - thc
Attacking the IPv6 protocol suite

Adam Jacobs - Oracle
Commercial Software and How Can We Fix It?

Chris Jordan - Endeavor Systems
Writing Better Intrusion Prevention Signatures

Hiroshi Shinotsuka - Symantec
Advances in Trojan Threats

Feng "Sowhat" Xue - 3rd Research Institute, Ministry of Public Security,
Chinese National Anti-Intrusion and Anti-virus Research Center
Talking About 0day

Ilja van Sprundel - Suresec
Unix Kernel Auditing

Window Snyder - formerly Microsoft
A new perspective on internal security.

Yuji Ukai - eeye
Real-Time OS Based Embedded Systems Using the JTAG Emulator

Marc Uemura - PWC
Fault Redundant IPV6 Wireless Firewalls

Christian Wieser - Oulu University Secure Programming Group
VoIP: SIP robustness and RTP security

All presentations are in both Japanese and English.
Registration is on line at http://pacsec.jp


Security Masters Dojo, Tokyo
The Tokyo Security Masters Dojo will be held on November 14, also at
the Aoyama Diamond Hall. The following one day advanced and
intermediate applied information security courses will be offered:

Sinan 'noir' Eren & Nicolas Waisman - Immunity
Win32 Reliable Heap Explotation

Gerardo Richarte - Core Security Technologies
Assembly for Exploit Writing

Marty Roesch - Sourcefire
Advanced IDS Deployment and Optimization

Maximillian Dornseif  & Thorsten Holtz - Aachen University
Advanced Honeypot Tactics

Philippe Biondi - EADS
Mastering the Network with SCAPY

As with all Dojo courses, to ensure that each student gets individual
training from the instructors in the hands-on labs, class size will be
limited to ten students per course. Each course is one day, and
features practical exercises to help maximize knowledge retention.

Dojo registration will be available shortly under the "DOJO" tab on
http://pacsec/.jp along with expanded course information.

CanSecWest/core06 final dates: April 5-7 2006
Early Discount Registration is on-line at: 

Dojo/Vancouver dates: April 3-5 2006
Dojo/Vancouver Registration is not available yet.

World Security Pros. Cutting Edge Training, Tools, and Techniques
Tokyo, Japan	November 14-16 2005  http://pacsec.jp
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