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Wed Sep 21 00:13:21 EDT 2005

Forwarded from: Jeff Moss <jmoss at blackhat.com>

Dear Info Security News readers,

I want to keep you up to date with what Black Hat is up to. Currently
there is a stand alone training in Seattle in October, a Briefings in
Tokyo in October, and a Federal Training and Briefings in Crystal City
in January. Black Hat returns to Amsterdam at the end February with
expanded training and briefings. The CFP for Amsterdam will open by
October 15th.

Video from the summer USA show is starting to get encoded, and we will
be updating the Black Hat "Black Pages"  in the coming weeks to
reflect what happened, and still is happening, with the whole
ISS/Cisco drama.

Thank you.

Jeff Moss


Seattle Training

On October 10-11, Black Hat will host four separate world-class trainings.  
The classes cover a variety of topics, including system
administration, auditing and assessment, forensics, and infrastructure

Most of the class offerings are newly created or revised, ensuring
that students are provided with up-to-date technical information.  
Our trainers are recognized leaders in their fields, with real-world
experience that drives their curriculum.

As with all Black Hat Training events, students are eligible for
CISSP/SCCP credits upon successful completion.

Courses offered are:

*	Hacking by Numbers - Bootcamp Edition by SensePost
*	Microsoft Ninjitsu by Tim Mullen 
*	Invisible Network; Invisible Risk by Adam Laurie
*	Infrastructure Attacktecs & Defentecs: Cisco Voice Over IP 
        (VoIP) by Stephen Dugan

For more information: http://www.blackhat.com/html/training-seattle-05/train-bh-sea-05-index.html 

Our early bird registration rate is in effect until October 1.
Register now and save: https://commerce.blackhat.com/seattle-reg


Tokyo, Keio Plaza Hotel * 17-18 October 2005 * japan.blackhat.com

Black Hat is honored to continue its partnership with Internet
Association Japan to bring the second annual Black Hat Briefings

The Black Hat Japan 2005 Briefings will take place at the Keio Plaza
Hotel, October 17-18.  The Black Hat Japan Briefings feature an
international line up of internationally renowned security experts
from around the globe. Black Hat Briefings was originally founded in
1997 by Jeff Moss to fill the need of computer security professionals
to better understand the security risks to their computers and
information infrastructures by potential threats. To do this, the
Black Hat Briefings assembles a group of vendor neutral security
professionals and let them speak candidly about the problems
businesses face, and the solutions they see to those problems. No
gimmicks, no sales pitches, just straight talk by people who make it
their business to explore the ever-changing security space.

This year's conference will include talks by Dan Kaminsky on the Black
Ops of TCP/IP, David Maynor and Robert Graham presenting on
Architecture Flaws in Common Security Tools, the Grugq discussing VOIP
security issues, Chris Hurley - Identifying and Responding to Wireless
Attacks, Jeremiah Grossman presenting on Phishing with Super Bait,
Saumil Shah and David Cole collaborating on an Adware/Spyware talk.  
Attendees will get the rare chance to meet with these and other
experts up close and to ask specific questions about their findings,
encouraging the quality exchange of information among the
international attendees.  For more information on the speakers and
speeches visit

Take advantage of our early registration rates by registering on-line
now. http://www.blackhat.com/html/bh-registration/bh-registration.html#Japan

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