[ISN] Navy restricts use of handheld devices

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Wed Sep 21 00:11:01 EDT 2005


By Frank Tiboni
Sept. 20, 2005 

Two months after issuing guidelines on the appropriate use of
information technology, the Navy has released rules for handheld
devices, including wireless telephones.

Navy personnel can use wireless phones, personal digital assistants
(PDAs) and callings cards only for "official and authorized purposes."  
If they use them for personal use, they must reimburse the government
for the use and charges, according to a Navy memo titled, "Department
of the Navy Policy for Issuance, Use and Management of
Government-Provided Mobile (Cellular) Phone, Data Equipment and
Services, and Calling Cards." [1]

Dave Wennergren, the Department of the Navy’s chief information
officer, said in the memo that the policy will improve accountability
and management of wireless phones, PDAs and callings cards. He said
the service must also "move away from suboptimized independent
management of telecommunications to a centralized enterprisewide

Leaders of the Navy and Marine Corps must manage the use of these
devices and enforce the new rules. They must also ensure that workers
receive wireless security training.

In July, the Navy issued policy for the acceptable use of IT. One of
the six rules states that personnel can no longer access personal
e-mail accounts from the service’s networks without approval.

[1] http://www.doncio.navy.mil/(tnvffhbnek2nxretrbnwj3ne)/PolicyMatrix/download.aspx?id=97e0d5c7-b312-4caf-acba-a512c75a3e4d

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