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		       Computer Security Mexico 2005
               "11th Years celebrating Computer Security Mexico"

                            Palacio de Mineria
                          May 26th - May 27th, 2005

 			      Mexico City, Mexico

 The goal of Computer Security 2005 Mexico is to create awareness among
 the computer user community about security strategies and mechanisms used
 to protect information systems. Since  1994, Mexico has been organizing
 this great event through the Computer Security Department at UNAM and

 Computer Security 2005 Mexico will be an event for all the people who are
 involved in the use, design and administration of computer systems. For
 the 2005 Conference Program we will have great Keynote Speakers and we
 will discuss the present problems in the Computer Security field its
 implications and possible solutions such as: DNS Hijacking,
 DNS Cache Poisoning, Phishing SCAM, Information Society and Computer
 Security Security, among many other issues from different Organizations
 leadership in the security field.

  IMPORTANT : 	The Conference will be English and Spanish.
		Translation Service Available


                        Keynote Speakers 2005

	* Preventing Child Neglect in DNSSECbis Using Lookaside Validation
	  Paul Vixie
          Founder & Chairman of Internet Software Consortium

	* DNS Hijacking and Security Problems on the Internet
	  Steve Crocker
          CEO, Shinkuro, Inc.
          Chair of ICANN's Security and Stability Advisory Committiee

        * Perils of the Internet
	  Hank Nussbacher
          Independent Networking Consultant

	* Computer Security and Information Society
	  Dr. Alejandro Pisanty Baruch
          Director of Computing Academic Services - UNAM
          ICANN Board of Directors

	* Phishing Prevention: Authentication, Visualization, and
	  Open Source Intelligence
	  Rebecca Gurley Bace
          President of Infidel, Inc

	* Extortion-Grade DDOS: Tactics for Planning and Response
	  Eric Greenberg
          Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of NetFrameworks, Inc.

	* Honeynet Proyect Future
	  Ralph Logan
          Vice President Honeynet Project
          CEO The Logan Group, Inc.

	* Héctor Escalante López
          SUN Microsystems.

	* Phishing: More Than Just a Pretty Scam Page
	  Jason Milletary
          Member of the Technical Staff - CERT/CC

	* Underground Culture and Economy in Brasil: Facts and Reality
          Jacomo Dimmit Boca Piccolini
          Analyst at CAIS/RNP (Centro de Atendimento a Incidentes de
          Seguranza da Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa)

	* Early Warning Systems: The Internet Storm Center and Tar Pits
          Mike Poor
          Intrusion Detection Expert
          SANS Internet Storm Center

	* Introduction to Microsoft's Customer Security Incident Response
	  Greg Lenti
	  Microsoft PSS Security Team

	* Seguridad en Redes Academicas a traves de CLARA
          (Cooperacion Latinoamericana de Redes Avanzada)
	  Liliana E. Velasquez Alegre Solha
	  Manager at CAIS/RNP (Centro de Atendimento a Incidentes de
	  Seguranza da Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa)

	* Estamos preparados para IPv6: Analisis de seguridad
	  Franciso Jesus Monserrat Coll
	  Coordinador Seguridad RedIRIS RedIRIS, España

                          Why should you assist?

 Because it is the opportunity to find out about what is being developed in
 the  computer security  field  and it  is also  a chance  to share  your own
 experience and interests with people with the same interest on this

 Also, You can learn about how to manage and respond to computer security
 incidentswithout exposing your resources.

                           Further Information:

 	* Web:	  http://congreso.seguridad.unam.mx

	* Conference Registration Availalable on website

	* The Conference Program will be English and Spanish

Juan Carlos Guel
- --
Departamento Seguridad en Computo
DGSCA, UNAM			E-mail:seguridad at seguridad.unam.mx
Circuito Exterior, C. U.        Tel.: 5622-81-69  Fax: 5622-80-43
Del. Coyoacan			WWW: http://www.seguridad.unam.mx
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