[ISN] Hackers start looking at Apple

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Wed May 4 13:26:14 EDT 2005


By Nick Farrell
03 May 2005

FOR A LONG time ignored by hackers, Apple's iTune popularity is 
meaning that the operating system is starting to attract the interest 
of hackers.

According to a survey released on Easter Monday, in the Bulgarian 
Orthodox calendar, by the SANS institute, hackers are still making hay 
on VoleWare, but Apple products are starting to become tempting.

Hacks of iTunes were an interesting feature of the first three months 
of 2005, says SANS, along with attacks on RealNetworks RealPlayer, and 
Nullsoft's Winamp. 

There more attempts to take on anti-virus software with Symantec, 
F-Secure, TrendMicro and McAfee as targets. 

Hackers continued to poke new holes in Microsoft Windows, although 
SANS seems to think that is becoming harder as more Windows users 
agreed to receive security upgrades automatically.

So instead, hackers are starting to try and take advantage of other 
software programs that might not be patched as frequently, the survey 
said. The complete list can be found here [1]. µ

[1] http://www.sans.org/top20/Q1-2005update

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