[ISN] Chinese Hacker Captured After Taunting Law Enforcement

InfoSec News isn at c4i.org
Mon May 2 02:28:33 EDT 2005


May 2, 2005 

A Chinese hacker who was responsible for cracking some local Jingmen
government websites was captured in a Wuhan hotel last week. The
hacker, whose alias is "Yu Hua", posted his contact details on a
website, and police used those details to then track him down.

Police say that on April 7 Yu Hua posted the names of 11 websites that
we was targetting and he said that he could make those sites collapse
within ten minutes. Ten minutes later, he cracked those sites and shut
them down.

After the sites were closed, Yu Hua posted his QQ instant messenger
details for others to contact him, but police then used that
information to forensically identify his whereabouts.

Yu Hua, whose real name has not yet been released, was arrested at the
Wuhan hotel where he was employed. The case is currently being
processed and the charges against him have not been released.


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