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1. What's New in the Latest Issue

     July 2005 Issue
     - Focus: Pick the Right Firewall
     - Feature: Firewall Appliances, Part 1
     - Access Denied

2. New Additions to the Online Article Archive

     July 2004 Issue
     - Focus: Dissecting a Suspect Disk
     - Features
     - Access Denied

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==== 1. What's New in the Latest Issue ====

July 2005 Issue

Focus: Pick the Right Firewall
   Learn which firewall appliance is right for you, get familiar with 
network ports, clean up your systems with Microsoft's free malware 
removal tool, and more.

The following article is available at no charge to nonsubscribers for a 
limited time:


Firewall Appliances, Part 1
   Firewalls aren't what they used to be, which is a good thing. As 
attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, firewall solutions have 
had to adapt. In this first part of a two-part series, we look at 
firewall solutions for low-security SMBs.
   --Thomas W. Shinder and Debra L. Shinder


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Access Denied

Preventing Data Loss When Using EFS
   Back up the data recovery agent certificate and/or the user's EFS 
certificate and private key to prevent losing encrypted data.
   --Randy Franklin Smith


Understanding the Importance of Host Firewalls
   Layer your security by using both a network firewall and firewalls on 
your workstations and servers.
   --Randy Franklin Smith


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==== 2. New Additions to the Online Article Archive ====

July 2004 Issue
   To access this issue of Windows IT Security, go to the following URL:


Focus: Dissecting a Suspect Disk
   Use the Penguin Sleuth Kit to analyze a compromised disk, integrate 
directories with Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 (MIIS), and 
learn about client tools for managing PKI trusts.


Performing Forensic Analyses, Part 2
   Analyzing a compromised hard disk is a time- and resource-intensive 
operation. Two tools--Sleuth Kit and Autopsy--can help you with this 
arduous task.
   --Matt Lesko


Secure Directory Access with MIIS
   Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 is a powerful tool for 
deploying directory-enabled applications while ensuring that data across 
individual directories remains synchronized.
   --John Howie


User-Side PKI Trust Management
   Learn how PKI administrators manage PKI user-side trust decisions.
   --Jan De Clercq


Access Denied

Letting Users View Security Logs
   Simply editing a GPO will let a group of users view Security logs but 
will also allow them to clear the logs. A more restrictive solution 
takes more work.
   --Randy Franklin Smith


Using Log Parser to Audit Domain Logons
   The Log Parser tool lets you use SQL-like queries to extract data 
from log files.
   --Randy Franklin Smith


Understanding Wireless-Security Protocols
   The pursuit of wireless security has led to a plethora of protocols. 
Clear up the confusion with this high-level view of the relationship 
between 802.11, 802.1x, 802.11i, WEP, and WPA.
   --Randy Franklin Smith


The Importance of Windows XP SP2
   The soon-to-be-released XP SP2 is so important to the security of 
your network that you should start testing it now.
   --Randy Franklin Smith



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