[ISN] Motorola downplays data security breach

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Tue Jun 14 12:46:33 EDT 2005


By John Leyden
13th June 2005 

A pair of computers containing personal information on Motorola 
workers stolen from the office of a third party contractor has sparked 
a minor security flap. The theft from the Chicago-area offices of 
human resources outsourcing firm Affiliated Computer Services resulted 
in the disclosure of the names and social security numbers - but not 
financial information - of an unspecified number of Motorola staffers.

"All employees were notified, but to this date there is no indication 
that any personal information has been compromised," ACS' chief 
marketing officer, Lesley Pool told Reuters. "It is clear that it was 
just an amateur burglary."

Police are investigating the break-in which happened on the Memorial 
Day (US Bank Holiday) weekend of 28-30 May. ACS won a $650m 10-year 
contract to manage Motorola's human resources system in December 2002.

Motorola has notified potentially affected staff by email. These 
workers are mainly based in the US and will be offered fraud insurance 
coverage at no charge. Motorola spokeswoman Jennifer Weyrauch said 
that no financial information was on the computers, adding that 
security safeguards used on the computers would make it difficult for 
thieves to swipe any information. Weyrauch declined to say whether the 
break-in would affect Motorola's relationship with ACS.

The mobile phone and network equipment manufacturer is the latest in a 
growing list of firms affected by either customer or employee security 
breaches including Citigroup, MCI, ChoicePoint and Reed Elsevier. ®

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