[ISN] Classified Dutch military documents found on Kazaa

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Mon Jan 31 04:07:31 EST 2005


By Jan Libbenga
30th January 2005

At least 75 pages of highly classified information about human
traffickers from the Dutch Royal Marechaussee - a service of the Dutch
armed forces that is responsible for guarding the Dutch borders - have
been leaked to the controversial weblog Geen Stijl (No Style).

The documents, whicn contain phone numbers and tapped conversations,
were found unencrypted on Kzaa, the public file sharing service. The
likeliest explanation for their appearance is that a member Dutch
Royal Marechaussee worked on the documents from home and
unintentionally shared his entire hard drive with the rest of the
world, through Kazaa.

Initially, Geen Stijl wanted to reveal juicy details from the leaked
documents, but backed off in the face of legal threats by the Public
Prosecutor. The weblog says it will co-operate fully with

The disclosure of the classified documents is yet another security
lapse for the Dutch public prosecutor's office. In October last year,
a leading Dutch prosecutor resigned after he throwing out his old PC
with the rubbish. The hard disk contained hundreds of pages of
confidential information about high profile crime cases, as well as
his credit card number, social security number and personal tax files.

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