[ISN] Juniper bitten by software bug

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Mon Jan 31 04:06:59 EST 2005


By Jim Duffy
Network World

Cisco is not the only one with vulnerable routing software. Juniper
this week is telling all M- and T-Series router customers running
releases of JUNOS software developed prior to Jan. 7, 2005, to upgrade
the software or suffer a "serious security vulnerability."

"This vulnerability could be exploited either by a directly-attached
neighboring device or by a remote attacker that can deliver certain
packets to the router," according to a Juniper Technical Bulletin
obtained by Network World. "Routers running vulnerable JUNOS software
are susceptible regardless of the router's configuration. It is not
possible to use firewall filters to protect vulnerable routers."

Juniper has assigned a risk level of "High" to this vulnerability. The
bug is a blow to Juniper which prides itself on the stability and
reliability of its software, especially when compared to Cisco's IOS.

To fix it, Juniper has modified JUNOS software to address the
vulnerability, according to the technical bulletin. All versions of
JUNOS software built on or after Jan. 22, 2005, contain the modified
code, the bulletin states, while software built between Jan. 7 and
Jan.y 22 may contain the modified code, depending on the specific
JUNOS release.

"All customers are strongly encouraged to upgrade their software to a
release that contains the modified code," the bulletin urges.

The bug was brought to the attention of the U.S. Computer Emergency
Readiness Team by Qwest. Qwest declined to comment further on the
vulnerability, citing a non-disclosure agreement with Juniper.

Juniper customer BellSouth says it was impacted by the bug and applied
software patches to fix it. BellSouth says none of its customers were
affected by it.

Cox Communications, which recently announced a deployment of Juniper
M320 edge routers, rewrote some code and said its customers were not

Juniper declined to comment beyond what was stated in the technical

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