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Thu Jan 20 04:45:35 EST 2005

Forwarded from: LayerOne CFP <noid at 23.org>

LayerOne 2005
April 23 & 24, 2005
Los Angeles, California
At the Pasadena Hilton

The second LayerOne conference is now officially accepting papers and 
presentations for speaker selection. We are looking for people to speak on 
a broad range of topics; however, we encourage all submissions. To give 
you an idea of the sorts of things that were covered last year:

- CryptoMail: mail encryption for all.
- Life Hacks and Hacked Lives
- How the DMCA is Threatening to Strangle Reverse Engineering and the 
  Future of Interoperability
- Visual Deep Packet Inspection
- A User-Centric Distributed Social Software Architecture

Please note that we'd love to see as broad a range of topics this year as 
we did last year, so don't consider this to be a strict guideline on what 
we'd like people to be submitting. If you've got something that you think 
will fit, by all means send it in. To see a list of topics from 2004, 
click here.

Please be sure to include the following information in your submission:

- Presentation name
- A one-sentence synopsis of your presentation
- A longer one to three paragraph synopsis or short outline of what you 
  plan on covering
- Names of and URLs to presenter(s)
- A short (single-paragraph) biography of the presenter(s)

Once everything's ready to go, send your submission to cfp [at] layerone 
[dot] info no later than March 1, 2005. All papers submitted by then will 
receive either an acceptance or rejection notice no later than March 15th, 
2005. Speaker selection is expected to be finalised on this date.

Although we only have one speaking track, please bear in mind that 
speaking slots are limited to one hour. How you use that time is entirely 
up to you - but most people tend to divide it between presentation and a 
Q&A session. If you think your presentation will run longer please advise 
us when you turn in your proposal and we will do our best take your needs 
into consideration.

If the presentation is based on code or a particular technique the 
presenter must be one of the developers of the code/technique and be 
prepared to perform a demonstration.

We look forward to reading over your submissions, which we are sure will 
be outstanding. Once again, if you have any questions or submissions 
please email cfp [at] layerone [dot] info. Thank you for your interest, 
and we look forward to seeing you there.



"Perfect is the enemy of good enough" - Admiral SG Gorshkov 

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