[ISN] Sidebar: Fill Your Jump Bag

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Wed Jan 19 02:55:00 EST 2005


By Dan Verton 
JANUARY 17, 2005 

A "jump bag" is a collection of critical items you might need during
crisis response when an attacker invades your network. It should
contain these items:

* Tape recorder or minidisk 

* Backup media 

* Binary backup software 

* CDs with statically linked binaries of critical OS executables 

* Forensic software 

* Windows NT and 2000 resource kits 

* Bootable CD-ROMs 

* USB token memory device 

* External hard drive 

* Small hub 

* Patch cables 

* Laptop with dual operating system capability 

* Call list and cell phone 

* Plastic baggies for handling evidence 

* Extra notebooks for taking notes

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