[ISN] Microsoft to become security outfit by next month

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Tue Jan 18 06:38:11 EST 2005


By Nick Farrell
17 January 2005

AN ANALYST at corporate crystal ball gazers, JP Morgan, is predicting
that the Mighty Microsoft will penetrate the anti-virus market by
February 15th.

Adam Holt says that he sees Supreme Vole Bill Gates standing before a
large group of people showing them his latest big offering.

It looks like it might be the RSA Security conference in San Francisco
on February 15, where Gates is down as the guest speaker

Hold didn't say if he saw people applauding or booing, but he expects
the program to be on sale in the third quarter, probably as a
subscription service, to compete with Symantec and McAfee.

There might be several different protection programs bungled, er,
bundled into the service.

A spokesVole declined to comment on the astounding predictions when
Bloomburg hacks rang her up. However, we have to admit it is a pretty
good bet that it will happen.

Our very own INQ augurer reports that the liver of the lamb he hit
with his Jaguar over the weekend, indicated somewhere along the ides
of February for the announcement too.

Microsoft bought AV maker Giant last month and promptly released its
anti-spyware hastily re-dressed in Vole's colours. Giant has other AV
software which probably just needs a similar treatment before becoming

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