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Forwarded from: Anthony Zboralski <anthony.zboralski at bellua.com>

Dear all,

Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2005 - http://www.bellua.com/bcs2005
The Largest Hacking and Security Conference in Asia.

JAKARTA, - 17 January, 2005 - The largest hacking and security
conference in Asia will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia at the Hotel
Borobudur from 21st to 24th March 2005. Between 500 to 700 delegates
and visitors are expected.

PT Bellua Asia Pacific is very pleased to announce that over 35
speakers and tutors from numerous disciplines will join Bellua Cyber
Security Asia 2005 to discuss present and future information security
issues through an intensive series of workshops, presentations,
technical sessions and demonstrations. Some new attacks and
vulnerabilities will be unveiled for the first time in Jakarta!

The conference talks will be spread across 2 concurrent tracks
focusing on both business and technical aspects of information

Ethical hacking & security contests will let novices develop their
skills and challenge experts in their favorite arenas, allowing all a
chance to win prizes.

Business matchmaking sessions will also be run during the event.

Online registration is now open!
US$320 for early bird registration (until 15th February)!

Important dates:

21-22 March 2005: BCS Asia 2005 Workshops
23-24 March 2005: BCS Asia 2005 Conference


The Keynote Speakers:

Bapak DR. Sofyan Djalil,  Minister of Communications and Information (Indonesia) [tentative]
Onno Purbo (Indonesia)

The Business Track:

John Grygorcewicz - The Importance of Security in Business Processes (Australia)
Fetri Miftach - Building Security into Treasury Systems (Indonesia)
Ralph K. Logan - The Practice and Business of Code Auditing (United States)
Emmanuel Gadaix - Telecom Security: Hacking SS7 Networks (France)
Fabrice Marie - Hacking Internet Banking Applications (France)
Philip Victor - Converging Security Awareness into the Organisation's Culture (Malaysia)
Jim Geovedi - Day to Day Security for Managers, Users and SMEs (Indonesia)
Gan Subramaniam - BS7799 a Journey not a Destination (United Kingdom)
John Howie - Compliance Management: Is Patch Management Dead? (United States)
Phil Leifermann - Enterprise Security Management (Australia)
Roberto Preatoni & Fabio Ghioni - Cyber Terrorism and Cyber War (Italy)

The Technical Track:

The Grugq - Digital Forensics and the Art of Anti-Forensics (United Kingdom)
Adam J. O'Donnell - The Interplay of Diversity and Security (United States)
David Maynor - DMA: The Unknown Attack Vector (United States)
Cesar Cerrudo - Windows IPC Exploitation (Argentina)
Archim - Sun Bloody Daft Solaris Mechanisms (United Kingdom)
Don Bailey "North" - Once a Thief, Kernel Rootkit (United States)
S.K. Chong - Windows Local Kernel Exploitation (Malaysia)
Fyodor Yarochkin & Meder Kydyraliev - Advanced Intrusion Data 
Normalisation and Correlation (Kyrgyzstan)
Julien Vanegue & Sebastien Soudan - Distributed Binary Manipulation (France)
Marc Schonefeld - Java & Secure Programming (Germany)
Shreeraj Shah - Web Application Kung-Fu, The Art of Defense (India)
Stefano Zanero - Unsupervised Learning for Intrusion Detection (Italy)

Panel Discussion: Honeypot & Honeynet

Ralph K. Logan - The Honeynet Project (United States)
Kamal Hilmi Othman - Honeypot and Internet Background Noise (Malaysia)
Marek Bialoglowy - Deploying Custom Honeypot to catch Insider Hackers (Poland)

Panel Discussion: The Security and Hacking Community

Skyper - Ralf Kaiser - Editor in Chief of Phrack Magazine
Onno Purbo - Internet For Every One (Indonesia)
Roberto Preatoni (Italy)


Business Workshops: (more workshops to be added soon)

John Ellingson - The Reality of Identity Theft - (1 Day)
Phil Leifermann - Enterprise Security Management - (1 Day)

Technical Workshops: (more workshops to be added soon)

The Grugq - Practical Digital Forensic Analysis and Incident Response (1 Day)
The Grugq - File System Intensive: Unix's File Systems (1/2 Day)
The Grugq - File System Intensive: Window's File Systems (1/2 Day)
Arian J. Evans - Web Application Exploitation in the Wild (1/2 Day)
Arian J. Evans - Building Secure Web Applications (1/2 Day)
Shreeraj Shah - Web Application: Attacks and Defense (2 Days)
Sensepost - Hacking by Numbers: Bootcamp Edition (2 Days)
Sensepost - Hacking by Numbers: Combat Edition (2 Days)
Jonathan Hassell - Deploying Network Access Quarantine Control in Windows (1/2 Day)
Marc Schonefeld - Ying and Yang of Java Security Programming (1/2 Day)
Don Bailey - Plan9: OS Internals from a Rabbit's Perspective (1/2 Day)
Cesar Cerrudo - Hacking and Defending MS SQL Server (1/2 Day)

Silver Sponsors:
Bispro Consulting, M-Sistem

Bronze Sponsors:
Telecom Security Task Force, Unipro

Media Partners: 
The Hacker's Choice, Phrack Magazine, Packet Storm, HackintheBox,
HERT, ISN, Ebizzasia, Zone-H

Press Contacts:
  Anthony Zboralski
  PT Bellua Asia Pacific
  +62 818 699 084
  anthony.zboralski at bellua.com

For questions regarding event registration, please call +62 21 391 8330.
For questions regarding sponsorship, please call +62 818 699 084
For general event questions, please email bcs2005 at bellua.com.

Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2005 - http://www.bellua.com/bcs2005
21-22 March - The Workshops - 23-24 March - The Conference
bcs2005 at bellua.com - Phone: +62 21 391 8330 HP:+62 818 699 084

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