[ISN] The US Army is mad, and gunning for you

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Thu Jan 13 11:19:17 EST 2005


12 January 2005

A FILING ON a forum from Phil DeLuca at America's Army game project 
indicates that the US Army is not at all happy at people s0dding about 
with its code.
DeLuca said that the US Army is very unhappy with hackers and others 
breaching its licence agreements, and it knows who these people are.

He said: "When you tamper with the [America's Army] game not only are 
you breaking the EULA, you're misusing Army property, and worse, 
you're misusing US Army computer programs and equipment".

He said the US Army knows who the offenders are warned that "tampering 
with software and servers owned or used by the Army is cybercrime".

And his filing on the forum, which you can read here [1], ends with a
dire warning.

He said: "We know who you are, and can track down where you play from. 
We have incontrovertible proof you did something illegal. The Army is 
angry, and we're coming for you".

[1] http://forum.americasarmy.com/viewtopic.php?t=143447

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