[ISN] From Russia with malice

InfoSec News isn at c4i.org
Mon Jan 10 10:19:16 EST 2005

Forwarded from: Thor <thor at hammerofgod.com>

> Kaspersky's figures are backed by estimates from the Ukraine-based
> Computer Crime Research Centre which says the total amount of
> financial losses worldwide resulting from cybercrime exceeded $411bn
> at the end of last year.

411 billion in *losses*??  Does anyone else have issues with this
figure?  To give some perspective, that is more than the reported 2003
earnings of Citigroup, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan
Stanley, Wells Fargo, Prudential Financial, Merrill Lynch, American
Express, Bank One Corp, Hartford Financial, and US Bancorp all
*COMBINED* with about 10 billion to spare.


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