[ISN] Baseball Fan/Spam Artist Found Guilty in Attacks on Philly Papers

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Fri Jan 7 07:42:13 EST 2005


By E&P Staff 
January 06, 2005 

NEW YORK A Philadelphia Phillies fanatic was convicted today in
federal court on 79 counts of hijacking -- the e-mail addresses of
local sportswriters.

Allan E. Carlson, 41, was accused of seizing the e-mail addresses of
Philadelphia area sportswriters to spread his complaints about the
baseball team's management. He was convicted of 79 counts of fraud,
idenity theft, and computer hacking-related offenses.

U.S. District Judge Berle M. Schiller asked the jury to resume
deliberations to decide on the amount of financial loss Carlson's scam
caused Philadelphia Newspapers Inc., publisher of The Philadelphia
Inquirer and Daily News. Prosecutors said Carlson was angry that the
papers' sportswriters were not more critical of Phillies management.

Testifying in his own defense during the three-day trial, Carlson said
he did not believe what he did was a crime or that it would cause harm
to the newspapers.

The federal jury deliberated only an hour before returning at noon
with guilty verdicts on all counts against Carlson. He is a native of
New Jersey who has lived in the Los Angeles area for several years.

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