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==== 1. In Focus: A New IPS Test Report ====
   by Mark Joseph Edwards, News Editor, mark at ntsecurity / net

You might recall that The NSS Group periodically releases in-depth 
test reports that can be very useful to security administrators 
looking for solutions. Over the past couple of years, I have written 
twice about the group's product testing for Intrusion Detection 
Systems (IDSs) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPSs). In my 
September 24, 2003 article "Evaluating Intrusion Detection Systems," 
I wrote about the group's tests of IDSs for 10Mbps/100Mbps Ethernet 
and Gigabit Ethernet networks. In my March 17, 2004 
article "Evaluating Intrusion Prevention Systems," I wrote about the 
group's tests of IPSs. 

The NSS Group recently finished its second round of tests and has 
made the results available online. According to the group, 
testing "consists of seven sections within three primary areas: 
performance and reliability, security accuracy, and usability." The 
group also said that "the brand new test suite contains more than 800 
individual tests, many of which are run multiple times, to provide 
the most thorough and complete evaluation anywhere of IPS products 
available today." 

An interesting tidbit from the latest report is that nine vendors 
signed up for the recent tests. However four of the products didn't 
make the cut during stringent testing, so the final report covers the 
five remaining products. The current report includes detailed test 
information about BroadWeb NetKeeper NK-3256T 3.6.0, Fortinet 
FortiGate-800, SecureSoft Absolute IPS NP5G 1.1, Top Layer IPS 5500 
3.3, and V-Secure V-100 7.0. 

A couple of other interesting notes are related to performance. 
During earlier tests, The NSS Group measured IDS and IPS top traffic-
processing speeds of 1Gbps to 2Gbps; this year, top speeds well 
exceeded that threshold. So the group decided to launch a new 
multigigabit IPS test later this year. Ten vendors have reportedly 
already signed up for the next test. 

It's also interesting to note that industry analysts had previously 
claimed that IDS and IPS systems were things of the past. But 
something is seriously wrong with that "analysis," because IDS and 
IPS systems are still being used, and according to The NSS Group, the 
number of available products has actually grown! 

The group said that over the last year, it has improved the testing 
suite and introduced a new methodology to conduct in-depth tests of 
rate-based IPS systems, which gives a more accurate evaluation of 
their capabilities as compared to the evaluation of content-based IPS 

The report itself is great information for security administrators 
looking for evaluations of prospective product choices. The report is 
also valuable in that it offers details about the group's test 
methodologies as well as about the hardware and software solutions 
the group uses to conduct its tests. 

As has been the case in the past, the results of the new report are 
freely available at the group's Web site (see the first URL below). 
If you missed the past reports, you can find those online too (see 
the second URL below). If you want a copy of all reports on CD-ROM or 
copies of selected reports in PDF format, you can purchase those at 
the Web site.

Until next time, have a great week. 


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==== 2. Security News and Features ====

Recent Security Vulnerabilities
   If you subscribe to this newsletter, you also receive Security 
Alerts, which inform you about recently discovered security 
vulnerabilities. You can also find information about these 
discoveries at

Serious Flaws in Symantec and F-Secure Protection Products
   Internet Security Systems (ISS) reported that its X-Force research 
team has discovered a serious vulnerability in a Symantec parsing 
engine that's used in several of the company's products. ISS X-Force 
also discovered a critical flaw in F-Secure's antivirus and Internet 
security products. The flaw is in the way the products scan files 
that are compressed with ARJ compression.

Microsoft Investigating Anti-Anti-Spyware Trojan
   by Paul Thurrott
   Microsoft is investigating a new electronic attack that attempts 
to disable the Microsoft AntiSpyware beta product so that it can 
surreptitiously install spyware on users' systems. 


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==== 3. Security Matters Blog ====
   by Mark Joseph Edwards, http://list.windowsitpro.com/t?ctl=21DF:4FB69

Check out this recent entry in the Security Matters blog:

How to Detect Network Sniffers
   I found a new free tool that can help detect network sniffers on 
your network.  The new tool, Promqry 1.0, was developed by Tim Rains 
at Microsoft. 

==== 4. Security Toolkit ==== 

   by John Savill, http://list.windowsitpro.com/t?ctl=21DB:4FB69 

Q. How can I enable complex passwords on my Windows Server 2003 
Active Directory (AD) domain? 

Find the answer at http://list.windowsitpro.com/t?ctl=21D6:4FB69

Security Forum Featured Thread: Monitoring File System Changes
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system changes when an application is installed. Jay wants to be able 
to detect all the files that have been added, deleted, or changed 
during the installation process. Join the discussion at


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==== 5. New and Improved ====
   by Renee Munshi, products at windowsitpro.com

A Faster IPS
   TippingPoint, a division of 3Com, announced that the TippingPoint 
5000E Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), which can perform total 
packet inspection at 5Gbps with real-world traffic, will ship next 
month. TippingPoint claims that the 5Gbps throughput rate is "more 
than double any other IPS's maximum rated throughput." TippingPoint 
5000E comes with eight Gigabit Ethernet ports able to protect four 
network segments. The TippingPoint product line is automatically kept 
up-to-date through the Digital Vaccine service to protect against the 
latest worms, viruses, Trojan horses, Denial of Service (DoS) 
attacks, spyware, and Voice over IP (VoIP) threats. For more 
information about TippingPoint 5000E, go to

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