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Wed Feb 16 10:05:01 EST 2005

Forwarded from: Alexandre Dulaunoy <adulau at foo.be>

== Call for Papers hack.lu 2005 ==

The purpose of the hack.lu convention is to give an open and free
playground where people can discuss the implication of new
technologies in the society. hack.lu is a balanced mix convention
where technical and non-technical people can meet each others and
share freely all kind of information.

The convention will be held in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg in August
or September 2005 (soon to be defined). The convention is open to

=== Scope ===

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to :

* Software Engineering
* Honeypots/Honeynets
* Electronic/Digital Privacy
* Wireless Network and Security
* Attacks on Information Systems and/or Digital Information Storage
* Electronic Voting
* Free Software and Security
* Assessment of Computer, Electronic Devices and Information Systems
* Standards for Information Security
* Legal and Social Aspect of Information Security
* Software Engineering and Security

=== Deadlines ===

Abstract submission : 1 April 2005

Full paper submission : 15 May 2005

=== Submission guideline ===

Authors should submit a paper in English/French up to 5.000 words,
using a non-proprietary and open electronic format.  The program
committee will review all papers and the author of each paper will be
notified of the result, by electronic means.  Abstract is up to 400
words. Submissions must be sent to : hack2005-paper(AT)hack.lu

Submissions should also include the following:

# Presenter,  and geographical  location (country  of origin/passport)
  and contact info.  
# Employer and/or affiliations. 
# Brief biography, list of publications or papers. 
# Any significant presentation and/or educational experience/background. 
# Reason  why  this  material  is  innovative  or  significant  or  an
  important tutorial. 
# Optionally, any samples of prepared material or outlines ready.

The information will be used only for the sole purpose of the hack.lu
convention including the information on the public website.  If you
want to remain anonymous, you have the right to use a nickname.

=== Publication and rights ===

Authors keep the full rights on their publication/papers but give an
unrestricted right to redistribute their papers for the hack.lu
convention and its related electronic/paper publication.

=== Sponsoring ===

If you want to support the initiative and gain visibility by
sponsoring, please contact us by writing an e-mail to

=== Web site and wiki ===


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