[ISN] Flash Review: A Hacker Manifesto

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Wed Feb 16 10:03:33 EST 2005

Title: A Hacker Manifesto 
Author: McKenzie Wark
Pages: 160 pages  
Publisher: Harvard University Press 
Reviewer: f0rensik [at] attrition.org
ISBN: 0674015436 

A Hacker Manifesto is a tough read. I've found that reading some
parts and then going back to others helps me make sense of it, but
it's just very dense. Also, the author loves to say things in
convoluted and difficult ways whenever he can. It's as if he's showing
off how many big words he knows; and annoying as hell.

What's frustrating is that I can tell that the author has some
interesting ideas; I started to see glimmers of real concepts in the
section on education, but it's buried under jargon.

Reviewer bio, F0rensik is a recent MIT Computer Science grad, whose
viewpoint is well respected around InfoSec News

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