[ISN] Hacker invades 'War of the Worlds' Web site

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Tue Feb 15 03:06:56 EST 2005


By Dan Ilett 
Special to CNET News.com
February 14, 2005

A Brazilian hacker has defaced the Web site of Steven Spielberg's "War
of the Worlds," which is set to be released in cinemas this summer,
according to a security group.

Zone-H.org, a Web site that records defacements, reported that the
hacker broke into the Paramount Pictures-owned Web site on Sunday. The
content, including a trailer for the movie featuring Tom Cruise, was
replaced by black-and-white graphics and a message from the hacker.

The defacer, who goes by the nickname "Un-root," apparently hacked the
Linux system through a vulnerability in an Apache Web server.

"That is embarrassing for them," said Jason Hart, director of security
for WhiteHat UK. "If you look at Zone-H, there are a lot of hackers
coming out of Brazil. It may be the increase in broadband or wireless
access points. But there are certainly more."

Hart added that poorly patched servers were often the cause of many

"People are becoming more relaxed about security," Hart said. "It's
about basic steps--just keep testing and have simple security
frameworks. People think you need sophisticated answers, but you
don't. Just make sure you have patch management."

The site for "War of the Worlds," the film version of H.G. Wells'
novel, had been restored by Monday lunchtime in the United Kingdom.  
Paramount Pictures was unable to comment on the incident at the time
of writing.

Last year, Brazilian federal police arrested 53 suspects on charges of
stealing $93 million from online banking customers. Security experts
have said that Brazil is a hacking hot spot of the world.

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