[ISN] Hacker hits WSU computers

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Thu Feb 10 05:24:30 EST 2005


By Cindy Klose
KWCH 12 Eyewitness News
February 9, 2005
A computer hacker figured out a way to get into three servers at
Wichita State University, but the college says no private information
was taken.

The computer servers hold information on as many as eight thousand
students, faculty and former students.

The university says the hackers didn't take any information off the
computers, but were looking for places to hide stolen movies or music.

WSU's Chief Information Officer Peter Zoller told Eyewitness News,"  
we've had numerous attempts to break in, none have ever succeeded. We
were surprised this one did, but fortunately we caught it early, and
remedied the problem."

Wichita State watches the servers 24 hours a day from a security room,
but the hackers broke in over the weekend when no one was monitoring
the system.

The three servers the hacker got into held information from the
College of Education, clients at the Speech Language-Hearing Clinic
and International students.

The FBI is looking into the case.

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