[ISN] FBI Van Burglarized; SWAT Rifles, Ammo Taken

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Wed Feb 9 07:01:17 EST 2005


[You would think having this fresh on their minds...
http://www.cnn.com/US/9706/04/fbi.theft/ and maybe this...
you'd be a little more careful with what you leave unguarded  - WK] 

February 7, 2005

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Four sniper rifles, scopes and ammunition were 
stolen from an FBI SWAT van parked outside a Baymeadows Road hotel 
before dawn Sunday.

The FBI said the guns belonged to a team from Atlanta in Jacksonville 
to provide extra security for the Super Bowl.

A spokesman for the FBI said authorities are concerned these weapons 
are out on the street and are doing everything possible to try and 
find whoever took them. 

Four high-powered rifles with scopes and 80 rounds of 308 ammunition 
were taken from the unmarked, locked van parked outside the Holiday 
Inn at Baymeadows and Interstate 95. An agent parked the van at 3:45 
a.m. and discovered a few hours later the padlock cut and van 

An internal investigation is under way.

The FBI asks anyone with information that could help recover the 
rifles to call their Jacksonville office at (904) 721-1211.

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