[ISN] Privacy, Security, Trust 2005 Conference - Oct 12th...14th

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Tue Feb 8 03:53:40 EST 2005

Forwarded from: Mark Bernard <Mark.Bernard at TechSecure.ca>

Dear Associates,

Here's an event that might interest a few members conducting research
in Privacy, Security and Trust areas;

fyi.... American's travelling to Canada for conferences can get GST
taxes returned to them for spent on accommodations, gifts, etc...
through the Canadian Visitor Rebate program. You can mail your
receipts in or stop by the boarder and get cash-back on the spot at
designated spots.

For more information on VRP's here is the link;

Best regards,

Mark E. S. Bernard, CISM, CISSP, PM,
Co-chair HTCIA IEC Membership Committee &
Chairman, AC-HTCIA Media & Communications, Moncton 2005

e-mail: Mark.Bernard at TechSecure.ca
Web: http://www.NB-HTCIA.org  &  http://www.htcia.org 
Phone: (506) 325-0444

Leadership Quotes by John Quincy Adams: "If your actions inspire
others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a

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