[ISN] Saddam Hussein "death" virus on loose

InfoSec News isn at c4i.org
Fri Feb 4 05:45:11 EST 2005


03 February 2005

BRITISH ANTIVIRUS firm Sophos warned that a version of the Bobax-H 
worm is on the loose, disguised as pictures of a dead Saddam Hussein.
According to Sophos, the worm carries different message warnings such 
as "Saddam Hussein: Attempted Escape. Shot Dead".

Other versions carrying the same payload claim to have pictures of a 
captured Osama Bin Laden.

Sophos said the worm, if activated, carries the same payload as the 
Sasser worm exploited.

Graham Cluley, marketing director at Sophos, warned that many people 
opened emails to be abreast of the news.

But he also hit out at those responsible for the security of Windows 
machines for not taking advantage of the patches that protect against 

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