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1. In Focus:  Windows 2000 Support; IE; Spyware Study

2. Security News and Features
   - Recent Security Vulnerabilities
   - MCI to Acquire NetSec
   - SonicWALL Extends Managed Security Services Partner Program
   - Microsoft to Require Legitimate Windows for Downloads
   - IronPort C30

3. Security Matters Blog
   - New Updates for Ethereal and Snort
   - Need Help Automating Configuration of Routers and Firewalls?

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==== 1. In Focus: Windows 2000 Support; IE; Spyware Study ====
   by Mark Joseph Edwards, News Editor, mark at ntsecurity / net

As you know, Microsoft's blanket support for Windows NT Server has 
ended. The company will cease to provide online support of the product 
on January 1, 2007. However, Microsoft has released updates that apply 
to Windows NT components. For example, the company included an update 
for Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1) for 
Windows NT systems in its monthly security update release for January. 
You can read more about Windows NT support at the following URL: 

Microsoft recently announced that it will end standard support, 
including nonsecurity hotfixes, for Windows 2000 Server on June 30. 
Paid mainstream support will be available beginning on that date, paid 
extended support can be obtained until June 30, 2010. Security hotfixes 
will continue to be available, free for everybody, until March 31, 

The company also recently said that it will release no new version of 
IE until the next version of Windows, code-named Longhorn, becomes 
available. Longhorn is currently scheduled for some time in 2006, but 
there are no guarantees that it will in fact be released then. Those of 
you who want an enhanced version of IE with better security, similar to 
the one in Windows XP SP2, will have to use third-party browser 
enhancements to bolster IE's functionality. 

As you know, Microsoft recently released a beta version of an 
antispyware solution that's based on the technology of GIANT Company 
Software, which Microsoft recently purchased. You can download a copy 
at the Microsoft Security at Home Web site. 

My December 2, 2004 commentary, "A Flurry of Enterprise Spyware 
Solutions," provides a comprehensive list of the available and upcoming 
enterprise antispyware solutions.

Just before I wrote that article, I found a useful study of various 
antispyware packages, but I failed to bookmark the site and lost track 
of it for a while. I recently came across the site again, and I think 
you'll find it very interesting. The site, Spyware Warrior, has a blog, 
forums, lists of products to avoid that contain spyware, and the study, 
by Eric L. Howes, that offers lots of valuable information about how 
various antispyware solutions perform. 

Howes says that the GIANT/Microsoft solution is among the best at 
detecting and removing various forms of spyware--good news for people 
who want to use a Microsoft solution. Howes' report explains his 
methodology and contains loads of data and test results gathered during 
various phases of testing in October 2004. Among his findings are that 
no one antispyware solution removes all forms of spyware, that even the 
best performers miss a quarter of spyware-related files and registry 
entries, and that prevention is preferable to removal. 


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transmission. Download this whitepaper now to find out how to support 
the dual goals of securing email transmission while preserving the 
administrator's ability to filter out spam, viruses and prevent email 
content policy violations.


==== 2. Security News and Features ====

Recent Security Vulnerabilities
   If you subscribe to this newsletter, you also receive Security 
Alerts, which inform you about recently discovered security 
vulnerabilities. You can also find information about these discoveries 

MCI to Acquire NetSec
   MCI will acquire NetSec for approximately $105 million in cash. A 
joint press release says that MCI will combine its network intelligence 
with NetSec's managed security services and premise-based intelligence 
to create an expanded suite of offerings targeted at businesses and 

SonicWALL Extends Managed Security Services Partner Program
   SonicWALL announced changes to its Managed Security Services Partner 
(MSSP) program that will give resellers a boost in establishing and 
building their managed services infrastructures.

Microsoft to Require Legitimate Windows for Downloads
   by Paul Thurrott
   Microsoft announced a roadmap for moving to a future in which 
Windows users must prove that their OSs aren't pirated before they can 
download any software from Microsoft.com or Windows Update. The plan, 
dubbed Windows Genuine Advantage, is being phased in over time, 
although Microsoft will continue to let even pirated Windows versions 
download critical security patches through Automatic Updates. 

IronPort C30
   By David Chenicoff
   IronPort Systems' IronPort C30 is a midrange email-security 
appliance for small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs). The appliance 
supports spam detection, virus protection, and content filtering, but 
what sets it apart are two advanced features: IronPort Reputation 
Filters and IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters. 


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==== 3. Security Matters Blog ====
   by Mark Joseph Edwards, http://list.windowsitpro.com/t?ctl=85B:4FB69

Check out these recent entries in the Security Matters blog:

New Updates for Ethereal and Snort
   Two popular open-source security tools, Ethereal and Snort, were 
recently updated. The latest version of Ethereal is 0.10.9, and the 
latest version of Snort is 2.3.0 . If you use these tools, be sure to 
check out the latest versions, which undoubtedly contain bug fixes and 

Need Help Automating Configuration of Routers and Firewalls?
   I found a really slick tool that can help you automate 
configurations for Cisco routers, Cisco PIX firewalls, and Linux 
iptables and ip routes. It's called NetSPoC, which I believe is short 
for Network Security Policy Compiler. 

==== 4. Security Toolkit ==== 

   by John Savill, http://list.windowsitpro.com/t?ctl=858:4FB69 

Q: Does Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) have an updated Sysprep tool?

Find the answer at

Security Forum Featured Thread: Modifying Directory ACLs
   A reader writes that he accidentally modified the ACL of a directory 
on his disk and now he can't change it back. He said he has full access 
to the parent object and doesn't know why this isn't enough authority 
to change the ACL again. Have the answer? Join the discussion at


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