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SAIC was victim to a break in at one of its corporate facilities on
January 25, 2005, and several personal computers were stolen that
contained personal information on current and former stockholders. The
facility where the break in occurred serves in an administrative
capacity and is not used for performance on any of our government or
commercial contracts. SAIC filed a police report with San Diego
authorities to report the theft and continues to fully cooperate with
law enforcement officials to apprehend those individuals responsible
and to attempt to recover the stolen property. We have no evidence
that the thieves have accessed any personal information on these
computers or that the purpose of the crime was identity theft, but we
are notifying current and former stockholders as a precaution.

We want to emphasize how strongly we regret this occurred and how
deeply concerned we are about the inconvenience and the concern this
is causing among our stockholders. The company has attempted to
responsibly and proactively deal with this situation, and we recognize
the importance of rapid response for our stockholders. Besides using
multiple means to notify those affected, such as e-mail to employee
stockholders, as well as those retirees and alumni for whom we have
e-mail addresses, we have also have established a 24/7 help desk to
assist employees and stockholders who might have questions or need
assistance. We are implementing a program to make other resources,
information and assistance available to our stockholders, including
providing guidance on simple actions they can take to minimize the
risk of identity theft. Again, we are troubled that this event
occurred but are working round-the-clock to mitigate any impact on our

Information for Current and Former Stockholders

We are taking the precaution of alerting you because the stolen
computers contained personal information of current and former
stockholders, including name, social security number, address,
telephone number and stockholder records, including shares bought,
sold and held.

SAIC has established several resources to assist you. We have set up a
prerecorded message for general information on this situation and
answers to common questions regarding identity theft, at (888)  
826-7377. If you have questions that are not covered in the recorded
message, we have also set up a 24/7 Help Desk at (866) 478-0433. Those
working outside of the United States should call (703) 676-5200.

It is recommended that all current and former stockholders contact one
of the three major credit bureaus at the phone numbers listed below to
place a temporary fraud alert (90 days) on their credit file, at no
charge, as a precautionary measure. Experian also allows you to place
a fraud alert online at experian.com (www.experian.com). Both
processes are extremely simple and should not take more than a couple
of minutes. A fraud alert warns creditors to contact you before
opening any new accounts or changing information on your existing
accounts. Placing a fraud alert on your credit file will automatically
result in notification to the other two credit bureaus.

  Equifax: 800-525-6285
  Experian: 888-397-3742
  TransUnion: 800-680-7289

All three credit bureaus will send copies of your credit report to
you, upon request. When you receive your credit reports, look them
over carefully for accounts you did not open, inquiries from creditors
that you did not initiate, and inaccurate personal information. Even
if you do not find any signs of fraud, it is recommended that you keep
your fraud alert in place and check your credit reports every three
months for the next year.

If you should see anything you do not understand or find suspicious in
your credit report, call the credit agency and your local police or
sheriff's office to file a report of identity theft. You should also
notify SAIC's Stockholder Help Desk at (866) 478-0433. The Stockholder
Help Desk will provide information on additional resources that the
Company will provide to any victims of identity theft, including the
services of a company specializing in assisting victims of identity

Additional information on how best to respond to a possible identity
theft is available at the federal government's central website for
identity theft information (http://www.consumer.gov/idtheft) and at
the California Attorney General's website

Your patience and continued confidence in SAIC is greatly appreciated.

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