[ISN] UK court approves extradition of Trojan Horse couple

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Mon Aug 29 14:06:30 EDT 2005


Ron Stein
28 Aug 05   
The investigation into the Trojan Horse industrial espionage affair 
continues to widen following indictments of private investigators. On 
Friday, a London court approved the extradition of Michael Haephrati 
(44) and Ruth Brier-Haephrati (28), arrested in May in London at the 
request of Israel Police on charges of industrial espionage in Israel. 
Michael Haephrati is suspected of designing software enabling many 
companies, through private investigative agencies, to hack into the 
computers of their competitors. 

A British judge ruled that there was prima facie evidence that the 
couple received payment from Israeli private investigative agencies. 
UK Home Secretary Charles Clark must now decide whether to extradite 
the Haephratis to Israel. Under British law, the Home Secretary has 60 
days to decide. 

On August 19, the Haephratis’ attorney said that they did not design 
the software with criminal intent. He added that Ruth Brier-Haephrati 
was the person in contact with the Israeli private investigative 

"Bloomberg" reports that the Haephratis face eight counts in Israel, 
six of which carry the maximum punishment of five years in prison, and 
two of which carry the maximum punishment of two years. 

Published by Globes [online], Israel business news - www.globes.co.il 
- on August 28, 2005 


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