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ToorCon 7 has finalized its speaker lineup with over 30 talks spanned
across 2 days. ToorCon will be taking place this year at the San Diego
Convention Center on September 16th-18th. 

ToorCon is just around the corner again this year. In its 7th running
year, it is still San Diego's exclusive hacker convention, bringing
together Southern California's hacker community year after year to
attend the high quality presentations and participate in the annual
festivities. This year we are still aiming to provide the same highly
technical lectures you've come to know and love, but also set the
theme as "Smoke & Mirrors" which will highlight the voodoo magic
behind computer security and have a focus on Anonymity, Spoofing
Techniques, Phishing, and other kung foo exploitation methods. We will
also be offering an intensive full-day Deep Knowledge Seminar on
Friday the 16th focused towards providing solutions to IT/IS managers
and professionals.

Currently, pre-registration for the conference sessions this year is
$60, which will increase to $70 on September 1st, close on September
7th, and will be $100 at the door. Seminar registration this year is
$500 which will increase to $800 on September 1st and then $1,000 at
the door. People that pre-register will also receive a free Official
ToorCon 2005 T-Shirt! Don't miss out on the great deals for
pre-registration and register today! To register, please visit

NOTE: Payments for pre-registration must be received by September 7th!

This year ToorCon's theme is "Smoke & Mirrors" which is putting an
emphasis on the advanced ninja techniques used in the computer
security world today and the various tricks that are commonly played
to deceive both the attacker and the defender. More detailed lineup
information is available at

Saturday, September 17th, 2005
- Keynote: Paul Vixie - Internet Survivability, Threats and Efforts
- Keynote: Simple Nomad - How Hackers Get Caught
- Bruce Potter, The Shmoo Group - Suicidal Linux
- Greg Rose - Hacker vs. Mobile Phone
- Luis Miras & Ken Steele - Static Malware Detection
- Andrea Bittau - The Fragmentation Attack in Practice
- Tom St Denis, Secure Science - Pluggable LibTomCrypt: Third Party 
- Foofus - How Big is that Foot in the Door?
- Pedram Amini, TippingPoint - Process Stalking - Run Time Visual RCE
- Dr. Spook - The Sixty Toolkit
- Joe Grand, Grand Idea Studio, Inc. - Can You Really Trust Hardware? 
  Exploring Security Problems in Hardware Devices
- Michael Rash, Enterasys Networks - Netfilter and Encrypted, 
  Non-replayable, Spoofable, Single Packet Remote Authorization
- Skape - Exploitation Chronomancy: Temporal Return Addresses
- Roger Dingledine - Anonymous communication for the U.S. Department of 
  Defense...and you.
- Jason Scott - BBS Documentary: Fidonet Episode (and others) + Q&A 
- Beetle, Bruce Potter, The Shmoo Group & Lance James - 802.11 Bait: 
  Badass Tackle for Wireless Phishing

Sunday, September 18th, 2005
- David Maynor - You Are the Trojan
- Squidly1 - Alternative Uses For Portable Gaming Consoles
- Jason Spence - Something Old, Something New: Hiding Behind Antiquity.
- Mark Grimes - SCADA Exposed
- Major Malfunction - Old Skewl Hacking - Infrared
- Christopher Abad - Applied Data Profiling, Classification, and 
  Analysis Methods and Lo-Fi Graphics Demos
- bunnie - Hacking Silicon: Secrets From Behind the Epoxy Curtain
- Brenda Larcom & Paul Saitta - Hands-On Threat Modeling with Trike v1
- Sysmin & QuiGon - Hacking with the WRT54GS and Custom Firmware
- Franck Veysset & Laurent Butti - Enhanced Stateful Filtering Thanks to 
  OS Fingerprinting (and how this can apply to wifi security)
- Richard Johnson - Disassembler Internals
- Acidus - The Phuture of Phishing
- Vinnie Liu & James C. Foster - Catch Me If You Can: Windows 
- Jay Beale, Bastille Linux - Introducing the Bastille Hardening 
  Assessment Tool
- Matt Granet - Rage Against the Platform: PalmOS
- Law Enforcement Panel
- Running a Small Hacker Conference Panel

ToorCon's 3rd annual intensive seminar sessions are aimed to provide 
best information for decision makers and IT/IS professionals.
Pre-registered admissions to the Friday Deep Knowledge Seminars
currently cost only $500 and includes free admission to the receptions
and general lectures on Saturday and Sunday. More detailed information
on the seminars is available at

Friday, September 16th, 2005
- Jay Beale, Bastille Linux - Introducing the Bastille Hardening 
  Assessment Tool
- Joseph McCray, Learn Security Online - Learning & Teaching Computer 
- Lance James, Secure Science - Phishing: An Evolution
- David Maynor & Robert Graham - Evading Common Security Tools
- Mike Lynn - Reverse Engineering 101

ToorCon is once again having the OpenInfreno Project run the annual
RootWars contest for the 3rd year in a row now. RootWars will only be
accepting teams for a limited time, so if you're interested in 
a team please visit the rootwars information page at

Please visit http://www.toorcon.org for further conference 

This year's event will be held at the San Diego Convention Center. The
reception and conference will take place on September 16th-18th in
meeting rooms 27A-B, 30A-E, and the East Terrace at the San Diego
Convention Center's upper level.

September 16th-18th, 2005
San Diego Convention Center
111 W. Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

September 1st, 2005: Conference pre-registration increases to $70, 
                     Seminar to $800
September 7th, 2005: Pre-registration ends. Payments must be received
                     by this date.
September 16-18th, 2005: ToorCon 2005

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