[ISN] DEF CON - New CTF Organizers chosen!

InfoSec News isn at c4i.org
Fri Apr 29 05:25:56 EDT 2005

Forwarded from: The Dark Tangent <dtangent at defcon.org>

DEF CON is proud to announce that the new hosts for Capture the Flag
this year will be Kenshoto!

COMPETE! Capture the Flag has been reborn.  A brave new group has
stepped up to the plate and is continuing the tradition of savage
virtual warfare. "KENSHOTO" are the new hosts of CTF.  They consist of
names that you're familiar with and whose members belong to
organizations you've heard of.

The Kenshoto includes high-placing CTF participants, as well as past
CTF organizers.  There are several changes to the contest this year.
Individuals will now compete as well as teams.  While team size will
not be limited, only eight players per team can play at any given
time. Specifics of game rules will be available to those that enter
the preliminary qualifying rounds.  To sign up, qualify, and get more
information visit http://www.kenshoto.com/

COMPETE [unofficially]!

The "unofficial" Capture the Flag, Amateur Edition has been born.  
Over the years CTF has evolved and matured, raising the bar on
participant's skill levels and increasing the difficulty to enter the
game.  While this has resulted in impressive players and teams, it has
been increasingly difficult for the "average Joe hacker" to have some
fun and test their skills.

Amateur CTF will be open to all participants in a format that closer
resembles early DEFCON CTF games.  There will be no official teams, so
make sure that you bring extra caffeine ­ the only thing keeping you
from winning is sleep and skill.  Virus-X will be your host.

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