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Tue Apr 26 01:49:25 EDT 2005

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Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 17:11:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: Hushmail Business Support <pl at hushmail.com>
Subject: Hushmail Business Service Issue

Dear Hushmail Business Customer,

On April 23rd, an unauthorized party gained access to our customer
account at our domain registrar.  They were able to change the name
server entries for the hushmail.com domain, which resulted in traffic
to hushmail.com Internet addresses being redirected.  We are following
up with our domain registrar to find out how this occurred.

There was no unauthorized access to any of the Hush servers.  Data
managed by Hush was not compromised.  During this period, however,
some users were unable to log in to their email accounts, and email
sent to Hushmail Business domains may not have been delivered.

The issue was resolved within four hours, and the vast majority of DNS
servers on the Internet are now correctly resolving the hushmail.com
domain name.

However, a few DNS servers may still be misdirecting traffic, causing
logins and email delivery to fail for some users.  This problem will
cease as DNS servers update their information, but it may still be
hours or days before every DNS server on the Internet is updated.

If you have users that are experiencing difficulties, Hushmail
Business is now accessible through servers on the hush.com domain as
well as the hushmail.com domain.  (The hush.com domain was not
affected by this issue.)

You can now optionally access Hushmail Business at the following URL:


If you host a login page on your own website, you now have the option
to direct the form to:


If you use your own domain for email (mycompany.com as opposed to
mycompany.hush.com) you can optionally update your MX records in your
DNS to direct mail as follows.  (Substitute your domain for

mycompany.com IN MX 10 plsmtp1.hush.com.
mycompany.com IN MX 10 plsmtp2.hush.com.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this has
caused. We take this incident very seriously, and will continue to
keep our customers updated as more information becomes available,
through the following web page:


If you have any questions you can contact us at pl at hushmail.com.

Hush Communications Support

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