[ISN] Wood River student expelled for hacking into computer

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Sat Apr 23 08:16:18 EDT 2005

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> He was also a four-year member of the debate team, Chess Club
> president and a member of the National Honor Society.

I guess ol' Brody glossed over the "honor" part of that group's
charter.  A session of Saturday school? That's it? Heck, I'd hold
their diplomas hostage and make them take summer school. And publicly
appologize to the school staff and students at an assembly. They need
to be humiliated.

> "I only excused absences. Really, I had no reason to change my
> grades.  I am a 3.5 student," Brod told the Mountain Express.

"Judge, the old lady's purse only had $20 in it. Come on, it's not
like I made off with the weekly payroll! So just slap my wrist and let
me go scampering off free." "ahem, you brandished a knife and stole
from her. $20 or $2000 makes absolutely no difference"

Seems our 'student' has learned one lesson very well. Our schools have
taught them in the name of "self-esteem" that there is no such thing
as moral standards. They can be interpreted to be anything you want
and a sin is not a sin if it's only a little sin. Wait, 'sin' doesn't
exist in the first place. Hey, can I strip a woman, tie her up and
prance around naked but not actually rape her and get away with a
trivial offense? I don't think so! Why not? And we wonder why the
Catholic church selected a hardliner conservative for Pope.

> "I believe the decision was discriminatory. It shows Noah was
> singled out," said David Brod, Noah's father.

Seems the father is just as much a product of the system. Yeah, let's
play the victim card! "*whine* why are you picking on me?" If it was
my kid, I'd be publicly praising the Board for taking my son to task
and appologizing to the community for my son's shameful behavior. And
impounding his car, and calling the college admissions office and
turning down their acceptance letter. What happens or doesn't happen
to the other kids is none of my concern.

> The expulsion carried a list of conditions permitting Brod to return
> the second semester. The conditions mandated that he write a letter
> of apology, not attend extracurricular activities and complete 40
> hours of community service with 10 hours allocated to writing a
> 20-page essay on the topic of honesty and integrity.

At least the board has a backbone. Good for them!
> In the meantime, David Brod said he plans to move forward with a
> lawsuit against the Blaine County School District.

I hope the judge tosses him out so hard on his ear he needs surgery to
put it back on. Or to remove the boot from his backside. Wants to go
to the Peace Corp does he? Figures.

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