[ISN] Hackers go after Lundy site

InfoSec News isn at c4i.org
Tue Sep 28 05:13:51 EDT 2004


James Riley

LABOR IT spokeswoman Kate Lundy has become the first politician
targeted by hackers in the federal election campaign.
Hackers attacked Senator Lundy's personal website at the domain level
through her internet service provider, Virtual Communities Austar,
directing users to a garbled message in Portuguese and Latin.

Senator Lundy, who prides herself as having built and maintained the
site herself as one of the first politicians to delve into the
internet, says the integrity of her site at katelundy.com.au/index.htm
remained intact and that the hacker attacked the ISP.

The attack is thought to have occurred in the morning yesterday.

The Senator Lundy said the problem would be resolved as soon as she
was able to get someone from the ISP on the telephone.

"Like a lot of users who experience problems getting through to their
ISP, I'm having trouble getting through the labyrinth to the help desk
to tell them what happened," the Senator said.

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