[ISN] Beckham computer arrest made

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Mon Sep 20 05:12:34 EDT 2004


By Nick Farrell
20 September 2004

TWO MEN have been arrested after they allegedy tried to flog the
contents of the hard drive of footballer David Beckham to a tabloid.

While many would be surprised to know that the Beckhams had a
computer, let alone any data on it, it would appear that the hard
drive was taken from a security company Chase Security Management
bought in to protect the celebrity pair.

According to the Current Bun, the firm called in the cops after
blackmail attempts were made over the contents of files about the
Beckhams on the computer's hard drive.

The contents were said to include detailed information on the family's
security arrangements at home and abroad as well as the positioning of
all the cameras and alarms at their Hertfordshire mansion, in southern

The Sun said that one of its reporters was offered a computer
allegedly containing the information, which it handed over to the
police. It published a few of the details, such as the Beckhams have
had DNA swabs registered with the police.

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