[ISN] Code Pink Infiltrates RNC

InfoSec News isn at c4i.org
Wed Sep 8 08:50:15 EDT 2004

[I'm posting this link for a good friend of mine (also in security),
not to embarrass the Bush administration and the RNC, just to point
out that the best laid multi-layered security plans can go all wrong.
We can all count our lucky stars they were peaceful protesters and not
some group hell bent on terrorism.    - WK]


Here is a link to the transcripts with the interview with Medea Benjamin
and Gael Murphy of Code Pink.  Medea Benjamin infiltrated the RNC three
nights in a row.  This was done without credentials and while wearing
a bright pink outfit all three nights.

The situation is even more absurd because she is a celebrity protestor,
and her photo was distributed to the security people before hand.  She
also infiltrated the DNC back in July and she was present (and singing)
during the hearings where Michael Powell made it possible to form regional
media monopolies.  Pictures of that even can be found here (although it's
referred to as "hacktivism" for some reason):


I think this raises real questions about the way security resources were
used during the convention.  Everyone agrees that the police presence
during the convention was huge, but if the resources were allocated in such
a way as to allow these women to get close to the president what exactly
were they doing?  Was the massive show of force really about protecting
the president, or was it about quashing dissent on the streets?

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