[ISN] Incheon Airport Vulnerable to Hackers

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Fri Sep 3 06:15:00 EDT 2004


By Yoon Won-sup 
Staff Reporter

Incheon International Airport is highly vulnerable to online attacks
from hackers and viruses because its computer network is shared by
private airlines and tourist agencies located in the airport,
according to the state intelligence agency.

In a report submitted to Rep. Jung Jang-seon, the National
Intelligence Service said that 7,345 computer viruses were detected
May 3-4 in 116 firms operating within the international airport,
including travel agencies and airline companies.

The NIS warned that electronic glitches at the international airport
could lead to devastating accidents, including flight crashes.

``There is a high possibility that Incheon International Airport will
be exposed to online attacks like computer viruses and direct
hacking,¡¯¡¯ a source at the NIS said.

>From 2001 to July of this year, there have been 2,334 attempts by
computer hackers at home and abroad to paralyze the international
airport¡¯s online operations. The number of attacks has increased over
the past few years, with 587 attempts in 2001, 680 in 2002, and 952 in

Based on the report, the NIS and the lawmaker demanded the airport
separate their Internet network from the private companies.

``It is astonishing that the nation¡¯s biggest international airport
is exposed to computer viruses and hacking,¡¯¡¯ Jung, two-term
lawmaker of the Uri Party, said. ``The airport must separate its
online network from private companies and take drastic measures to
improve airport security.¡¯¡¯

In response, officials at the international airport said they will
remove private companies from their network as soon as possible in a
bid to prevent a reoccurrence of virus attacks.

``However, we are having difficulty separating the systems due to
shortages in budget and manpower,¡¯¡¯ an official at the airport said.

Incheon International Airport had originally planned to finish work on
improving its network by 2008.

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