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CATEGORY: Dire predictions of a cyber-war or cyber-terrorism

Russian news agency MosNews now reports "there was no terrorist attack
on the Internet on August 26" as had been predicted.  According to
Kaspersky Labs spokesman Alex Zernov, "media reports had attracted
huge attention to this information and caused users to strengthen
security measures.  'This made [the scheduled cyber-terror launch]
date less favorable for the attack,' Zernov said.  'Terrorists are not
in a hurry because of such a serious reaction,' he added."

   MosNews follow-up story with photo:

   Vmyths coverage of the cyber-terror prediction:

MosNews claims Zernov spoke directly to them.  If they correctly
reported Zernov's comments, then Vmyths insists he is sorely mistaken
on two major points.

First, only the Russian media focused "huge attention" on the
predicted cyber-terror event.  Computer security firms, government
agencies, and mainstream global newswire services didn't warn of an
alleged threat.  Second, Vmyths has seen NO objective evidence to
suggest computer users strengthened their security measures on or
around 26 August.

Computer security fearmongers almost always applaud the media for
"getting the word out" after their predictions flop.  If MosNews
correctly reported Zernov's comments, then it suggests Kaspersky Labs
may be trying to backpedal with the Russian press.  This in turn would
imply the antivirus firm engaged in a much larger publicity stunt on
24 August than Vmyths first suspected.

On a lighter note: MosNews published their follow-up story with a
photo of "Chechen terrorist Shamil Basayev" using a laptop in an
unidentified woodland area.  Basayev has threatened to launch
"kamikaze" attacks in Russia, but Vmyths found nothing to suggest the
warlord will mastermind a cyber-terror event in the near future.

Stay calm.  Stay reasoned.  And stay tuned to Vmyths.

Rob Rosenberger, editor
Rob at Vmyths.com
(319) 646-2800

CATEGORY: Dire predictions of a cyber-war or cyber-terrorism

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