[ISN] Bush website conspiracy theories darken skies

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Thu Oct 28 04:36:48 EDT 2004


By John Leyden
27th October 2004 

The official Bush re-election website - which blocked access to most
of the world outside the US this week - is still visible to Canadians.

We don't know if it's fears about future attacks by hackers, concerns
about keeping bandwidth costs to a minimum or an aggressive response
to pinko UK broadsheet The Guardian's recent shameful pro-Kerry
political lobbying efforts in Ohio which are behind moves that have
rendered GeorgeWBush.com inaccessible to world + dog. Or, to be
strictly accurate, most of the world bar the US and Canada which is
presumably considered bandwidth-friendly, hacker-free and mercifully
bereft of pinko broadsheets.

We called the Republican National Committee for comment but they
couldn't get back to us because campaign volunteers are not allowed to
phone outside the US.

So, we can't see Bush's website because of reckless politicking by
pinko broadsheet agitators, Republicans can't call outside the US lest
they be corrupted by pinko broadsheet agitators, but Canadians are
exempt because - well, readers will have to answer that for themselves
but a massive black swarm of black helicopters is already hovering
menacingly on the horizon.

Meanwhile, the official website of the Kerry/Edwards campaign
(JohnKerry.com) is still accessible to all and sundry - as is the
satire site GeorgeWBush.org. How many would-be visitors to
GeorgeWBush.com - including US service men and citizens living abroad
and now denied their God-given right to freely surf the Land of the
Free - will wind up at the satire site, we wonder? We weep for

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