[ISN] Hacker answers critics, invites them to 'crusade'

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Tue Nov 30 01:51:05 EST 2004


By Erwin Lemuel Oliva
Nov 29, 2004

INSTEAD of hitting back at critics, the founder of a hacker group out
to expose network vulnerabilities in the Philippines remained
optimistic, as he invited other like-minded hackers to help him in the
group's crusade to increase security awareness in the country.

"I respect [Team] Asianpride because of their contribution to Internet
security but we have different kinds of approach on this issue. I hope
we can work together to secure the Philippine Information
superhighway," said PI_Flashbulb, founder of the Internet Security and
Warfare (ISAW) group.

Team Asianpride is different group of Filipino hackers who recently
criticized the efforts of ISAW. R00tkitty, a member of the group, said
ISAW's crusade to expose vulnerabilities in Philippine networks had
only encouraged more attacks instead of abating them.

PI_Flashbulb, however, said ISAW's disclosure of network security
holes found in government and private firms had increased security
awareness in the Philippines.

"I believe ISAW has accomplished a lot because more and more
government and private agencies are now aware of the implications if
they would not improve their security, and I also believe that no time
was wasted because we were able to help more than a hundred private
and government agencies to secure their sites," PI_Flashbulb wrote
INQ7.net in an e-mail.

The hacker admitted that ISAW had stirred a hornet's nest. "[But] this
is a good sign that will make people think twice before putting up a
new website or adding new web applications," he added.

ISAW maintains a web log or "blog" at phackers.org that contains
postings of website vulnerabilities the group uncovers.

R00tkitty accused PI_Flashbulb of being media hungry and wanting only
to create a frenzy about what they were doing.

"It's all about personal gain, control, and kiss-bottom all the way to
the top," added r00tkitty.

R00tkitty is a member of Team AsianPride who organized the 4 * Clock
Project, a supposed organized attack on Philippine networks to teach
local Internet service providers and telephone companies a lesson on
security in 2001.

Since that time, r00tkitty said the Philippine information technology
security scene "has improved dramatically."

Following its 4* Clock Project, Team Asianpride has decided to work
with the Filipino Developers Network in the development of an
"innovative security solution," according to the hacker.

This solution was presented in 2003 at the first ManilaCon hackers
conference, he said.

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