[ISN] Govt looks to protect critical Aust IT systems

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Tue Nov 30 01:49:56 EST 2004


By Staff writers
November 29, 2004 
The federal government has set up a program aimed at identifying
vulnerabilities in Australia's critical IT infrastructure.

The government has set up the Computer Network Vulnerability
Assessment (CNVA) Program. Philip Ruddock, federal attorney general,
said the program would identify weaknesses in existing computer
networks and test systems to see how they could be compromised.

Ruddock said industries involved in the operation of critical
infrastructure had become increasingly reliant on computers and
computer networks.

As part of the program, specialist computer experts would be funded to
help owners and operations of critical infrastructure to identify

The growth in the use of the internet and the development of high
speed connections between computer systems has transformed the way
that organisations, companies and governments share information and do
business,. Ruddock said.

However, Ruddock said that the reliance on high speed connections
between computer systems and the internet wasn't without risks.

Computer systems can be attacked and disabled in many ways by
deliberate criminal acts such as hacking and cyber terrorism or by the
accidental or deliberate distribution of a computer virus..

According to a statement, the aim is to provide assistance to owners
and operators of critical infrastructure in the New Year.

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