[ISN] NSA honors security efforts

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Mon Nov 15 05:48:04 EST 2004


By Dawn S. Onley 
GCN Staff

The National Security Agency handed out two information assurance
awards during a ceremony at Fort Meade, Md., recognizing excellence in
protecting Defense Department networks.

Army Lt. Col. Timothy Buennemeyer won the Frank B. Rowlett individual
excellence award for leading the Pacific Command’s Computer Network
Defense Team. Buennemeyer established PACOM’s Computer Network
Vulnerability Team, leading the group to finish more than 4,500 system
patches within 6 months without losing mission capabilities, and
successfully coordinating the vital system certification and
accreditation process that approved more than 130 mission-critical
information systems.

The Transportation Command’s Information Assurance Branch, C4 Systems
Directorate, won the 2003 Rowlett Organizational Excellence Award for
its successful joint information assurance programs. The directorate
was honored for advancing security capabilities, enhancing operational
readiness and establishing new standards for coordination and
analysis, according to an NSA release.

NSA established the Rowlett Awards in 1989 to salute excellence in
information assurance. Rowlett was a distinguished cryptologic pioneer
at NSA.

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