[ISN] Student charged with hacking into school's database, changing grades

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Thu Nov 11 04:39:13 EST 2004


Associated Press
Nov. 10, 2004 07:15 AM 

TUCSON - A Marana High School student has been arrested and charged
with breaking into a computerized grade database to alter his and
other students' grades, authorities said.

Michael T. Campbell, 16, remains in the Pima County jail in lieu of
$25,000 bond.

Authorities said Campbell has a criminal record and has been arrested
five times since January 2004 on charges including domestic violence
and credit-card theft.

At Marana High, Campbell was enrolled in a computer-based class where
students learn curriculum and answer questions at individual computer
stations. The program keeps track of each student's course grade.

Police said that on Oct. 18, Campbell somehow acquired his teacher's
user name to the system and got access to his grade.

He then allegedly received money from three students in the class
between Oct. 18 and Oct. 21 to change their grades, according to

Campbell later gave the access information to another student, who
turned him in to school authorities.

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