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Your screensaver is then actively looking for illegal content.  What
happens when your door is kicked in by the cops because your ISP
detects you accessing data on their "watch list"?  What's to prevent
pedophiles from using the "screensaver" as their get out of jail free

"Stopping the supply" will be about as effective as anti-cocaine
operations in South America; which is to say, not very effective at
all. Treating the mentally ill and recognizing signs of aberrant
behavior to help prevent it - a wholly non-technological solution -
seems to me far more effective.

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Dave Birch
October 21, 2004
The Guardian 

I was involved in a discussion about internet policing and child
pornography the other day. There were a number of suggestions: ID cards,
expanding police IT training and so on. None, in my opinion, were likely
to have much ...

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