[ISN] Bush website conspiracy theories darken skies

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Mon Nov 1 03:51:57 EST 2004

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: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/10/27/bushwhacked/
: By John Leyden
: 27th October 2004
: The official Bush re-election website - which blocked access to most of
: the world outside the US this week - is still visible to Canadians.
: We don't know if it's fears about future attacks by hackers, concerns
: about keeping bandwidth costs to a minimum or an aggressive response to
: pinko UK broadsheet The Guardian's recent shameful pro-Kerry political
: lobbying efforts in Ohio which are behind moves that have rendered
: GeorgeWBush.com inaccessible to world + dog. Or, to be strictly
: accurate, most of the world bar the US and Canada which is presumably
: considered bandwidth-friendly, hacker-free and mercifully bereft of
: pinko broadsheets.

The block occurs as a result of the web server policy. People outside the
US make a request, reach the server, and are then returned a 403.

This does not protect or prevent any form of bandwidth based Denial of
Service, nor bandwidth usage really (unless the pages they server are all
really poorly written and excessively large).

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