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North Korea is operating a computer-hacking military unit to collect 
secret information on South Korea, a top military official in Seoul 
said yesterday. 

Speaking in a conference on protection of defense information, Defense 
Security Command commander Song Young-keun unveiled the North Korean 
military's hacking into computer networks of South Korea's major state 

"Considering intelligence we gathered, the North is operating a 
hacking unit under the direct instruction of Kim Jong-il," Lt. Gen. 
Song said in the statement. 

"They are stepping up cyber-terror abilities, such as collection of 
our information through hacking of our agencies and institutions." 

The DSC commander said in May that the North had annually trained 
about 100 computer hackers to strengthen its cyber-terror capability 
against South Korea. 

The South Korean military intelligence unit has set up a counter-cyber 
terrorism investigative team to check general computer viruses and 
hacking threats. 

Quoting unnamed DSC officials, Yonhap News Agency said North Korean 
military authorities have provided intensive and rigorous training of 
computer-related skills to some college graduates, and they are 
assigned to the military unit under the control of the Korean People's 
Army, the communist state's military forces. 

Their tasks are to get into the computer networks run by South Korean 
government agencies and research institutes, and retrieve classified 
information from them. One of their assignments is also to attack the 
computer systems, Yonhap said. 

The communist North is also using about 26 Internet Web sites directly 
run by it or other pro-Pyongyang organizations to promote the regime 
and other political propaganda. 

The DSC also said that through the Web sites, the North sets forth 
guidelines for its spy agents operating abroad. 

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